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Thank you to those who participated in the Curious Classroom Contest!

About the Contest

HMH Labs challenged teachers to demonstrate how they inspire learning and foster curiosity in the classroom.

Enter the HMH Curious Classroom Contest with an original innovative teaching resource designed to inspire curiosity.

This past October, HMH asked teachers to submit a 3-minute video featuring an innovative tool or lesson that engages and inspires students. It had to be original, digital and inspirational. Voting ended November 30. Finalists will be notified in December and winners will be announced in early 2016!


Teachers are often the driving force behind innovation in teaching–due to both experience and need. We looked for collaborators to share their ideas.
Entries should be about a teaching resource that is:
  • Original 13ffb5c0ded2f052169db382c15c1b890493035f703ea379e7692f9b1d68ea29

    Are you a passionate educator that loves to design and create your own content?

    What resources have you made that make a difference for the learners in your classroom?
  • Digital 92451717963e6d805898dd71790ccfdb893933e9b19b703687a4de8de3e1de52

    What file, template, document or guide would be needed for another teacher to implement your idea or use your resource?

    Do you own a powerpoint, lesson plan, printable game, quiz, chart, poster, sign, clip art, white board activity, or other resource that can be shared electronically?
  • Inspirational b5f7bb4c99e369b05341e673ec89f7ba16710257ad85916f241480cab53510e7

    How would your teaching resource help students, families, or other educators learn a new concept or skill?

    In what way does it improve teaching and learning, foster curiosity, create an engaging environment or inspire others?


The winners of this contest will receive new technology and resources for their classrooms!

  • First 338011765e3506eb0daad6253661d9d616cdd647b6a6e9488bc7833497d4c5aa
    1st Place
    A new SMART® board, Chromebooks™ for your classroom, and a collection of books will be awarded to your school.
  • Second b9fa74f85739c0fcab32f5dfe72426d0816ee27530a18f07fc0e20db25d23bcd
    2nd Place
    Chromebooks for your classroom, and a collection of books will be awarded to your school. 
  • Third 8e1a56eb020912a5f536c0bbfe94dfc88f2e9ec75d23183f5ff9f26039d94994
    3rd Place
    A collection of books will be awarded to your school.

Additionally, the top twenty candidates will be given a tote bag, including a book and t-shirt.


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Video Requirements:

  • Share a video of your resource that is 3 minutes or less.
  • Describe your original teaching resource, including objectives, target subject, age group and projected outcomes.
  • Display screen shots or screen capture video of your digital resource.
  • Share examples of results, responses or inspiration behind the resource.
  • Have fun and be creative!
  • Meet all official rules and requirements.
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Determination of Finalists:

  • All entries will be posted to the site, and a shortlist of finalists will be determined by public vote.
  • A panel of judges will assess the shortlist and award the winners.
  • Prizes will be awarded at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s discretion and are subject to the applicable district and school policies.


Thank you to those who participated!


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